Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Advertising The Gathering : Day 5 Back-End Developer

Day 05 -
It's the Advertising The Gathering official card release. The ultimate in "virtual cool" with more online persona's then a Nigerian email scam artist. I present the Back-End Developer card. You want to take your project from amateur to pro and turn some real roi this is going to be a top card to play.
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- Card details -
Card TitleBack-End Developer

Card Quote: "I could be leveling my character in WOW right now."

Card DetailsWhen Back-End Developer card comes into play card caster gets +10 development. Card Caster must have at least one UX card, and one Designer card in play. When card is tapped opponent must supply card caster with one can of the following, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, or Jolt.

- About the project -
I had this fun idea to do an illustration project focusing on different roles in advertising to which I would add cheeky bios but after starting the project I became really frustrated with my lack of illustration skills. So I brainstormed some better vehicles for the concept. What better vehicle then Magic the Gathering! Have no idea what that is? Half of me doesn't blame you and to be honest, the other half that does, could probably be talked into not blaming you either. So if you need a down and dirty overview check out what wiki has to say. I hope you enjoy it, I'm going to try and post one card every week day for as long as I can keep coming up with fun roles and copy to go with them.

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aurora said...

Don't forget your front-end and middle layer developers:-)