Friday, September 24, 2010

The Real Imaginarium

Are you a fan of places like Restoration Hardware or Crate & Barrel? Well there exists a place on the interwebs that is the ultimate historic source of all these dups and it's all for sale and it's all magically fantastic! It's called Modern 50 and there you will find an endless source of original furniture, storage, art, and oddities. Modern 50 describes itself as:
“A multi-disciplinary art and design collective which strives to create an ever-evolving nonlinear consumer lifestyles collection. Discovering intrinsically valuable decorative arts and furnishings to convey a different impression of 20th century design. Reclaiming salvaged materials, using uncommon combinations and adhering to modernist tenets we are confident that we can give to you the unexpected and the unforgettable.”

While most of these items may be a bit cost prohibitive at the very least you can view this as a wonderful source of inspiration.

As a side note this is the most magically perfect bench ever made and they just so happen to have it, well sort of. Unfortunately it's sold and the fact that its sold is somewhat of a gift and a curse. The gift being that I was no longer able to see the price. Cheers to whoever added this to their collection.

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