Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shhh... Keep this to yourself.

These days there seems to be no shortage of design inspiration thanks to sites like ffffound and this isnt happiness. However finding ideas that are not rehashes of rehashes of rehashes is becoming fewer and farther between. I can really only take so many minimal retakes on classic movie posters or clever ironic typographic proclamations before I'm ready to move on. Finding really good really pure design has turned into a bit of a "you need to know someone to get in" sort of experience. With designers holding their truly good resources closer to the vest then a Bush era congressman, locating those finer sites is no easy task.

Well today you get to add a great link to your toolbox with Leeds Play Bills. Supported by the Photographic Archive of Leeds, this collection of historical playbills is nothing short of a typographic candy store! But wait, it gets better, each fantastic piece is also available in a "view enlargement" size. With enlarged resolutions over 1000px you will be able to get in there and get some great texture details. Act now, supplies are as limited as the interwebs memory banks. Go Now.

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