Monday, October 25, 2010

Adobe CS, an Infographic

I updated my Adobe Creative Suite infographic to include CS5. Get the full size version here.

Some back story...

When I upgraded from CS3 to CS4 I started wondering what exactly do you get for you upgrade price and what is the actual time difference between their releases. Full disclosure I actually have the Web Premium Suite however I think their Design Premium is a bit more popular, also a "web" specific version did no exist in the earlier releases of the suite thus making the infographic have some time-line holes. So I did some research and made iteration one of this graphic which can be viewed here.

Skip to 2010 and the release of CS5, ok I do realize I'm a few months late, but lets skip to 2010 and the release of CS5 anyway. It does appear as though Adobe is finding their rhythm with the releases and the prices they deem them to be worth. Perhaps one day if I have absolutely nothing to do for a few days on end I will remake this to include other products within the CS family and upgrade price in addition to the full retail.

* All historical data used for this was referenced from Wikipedia &

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