Monday, January 17, 2011

A few weekend things...

First off, something I doubt anyone will actually care about but what is apparently a problem for some. After over 5 years of ownership I decided it was time to do a reinstall of the OS on my laptop. Before this turns into a flame-fest from mac owners, how about you spend your negative energy sending Steve Jobs "Get Well" cards. I have a Dell XPS m1530, It's a very fast dual core system to which I am very happy with. Shortly after reinstalling I discovered that my wonderful laptop lacked any computer / network card love. After some online investigation I learned that Dell in their infinite knowledge forgot to include the correct drivers for the network card on the back-up disks. For some reason many people have had a really hard time finding out where to download them so I'm posting a link.
+ Dell XPS m1530 network card drivers

Secondly I watched a wonderful video campaign for the upcoming EA game Dead Space 2, part of their "Your Mom Hates Dead Space 2" campaign. I have to admit after playing the demo I had thought it a little too stressful to play, ha yes I realize how that sounds it's also the reason I could not make it through Battlestar Galactica. But after seeing this campaign I think they have earned themselves a purchase.

Oh and finally congratulations to Natalie Portman on her Golden Globe win for Black Swan. I thought Black Swan should of won best motion picture but because facebook seems to dominate everyones lives I guess they figured why not the Golden Globes as well.

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