Friday, January 07, 2011

From the offices of the M.C.P.

So like many others I got a chance to see Tron Legacy and I must say that I am a huge fan of the original movie and could regale you with tons of crazy facts about the original. But lets stay on topic.

Prior to seeing the actual movie whenever I would see a trailer for it I felt as though I were 10 years old again, and lets not even start to talk about when those same trailers were released in 3-D. I began to become convinced that when I finally did get to see Tron Legacy the theater would be asking me to leave due to my squeals of pure joy and excitement. Alas the story of the movie left a bit to be desired however the visuals were pretty solid and the light-bike scene alone was full worth the ticket price.

On an unrelated but soon to be related note, along that same time I was turned onto the blog Letter Heady. Self described as:
Letterheady is an online homage to offline correspondence; specifically letters. However, here at Letterheady we don't care about the letter's content. Just its design.” 
This got me thinking, “wouldn't it be fun if the M.C.P. from the original movie had letterhead?”. It sure would!

Get Hi-Rez versions here:
+ Option 1
+ Option 2

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