Friday, January 14, 2011

Remember when Fex-Ex was the best?

What is this magical package, why it's my CS5 stuck in some lazy Fex-Ex drivers truck. That is if it even made it on the truck. Claiming that Philadelphia's historic Wanamaker building is closed at 9:03 on a Friday morning really isn't the best story to come up with if your not going to deliver it. I think I would of gone with, "my dog ate your package". At least there is some plausible deniability with that one.

I called Fed-Ex and explained to them how this is actually not possible and if you have decided that today is just going to be to difficult to deliver the package just tell me rather then making things up. They have assured me that they have gotten a message to the driver to try again. I'm sure sometime between his pot break(s) and his Dunkin Donuts marathon there may be a glimmer that the package is still in the truck and will make it here.

Fed-Ex, so far have you fallen. I sent Adobe a email suggesting that they switch their preferred shipping agent to UPS. You may be able to claim faster on paper but when you factor in the reliability problems why bother claiming anything?

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