Monday, February 28, 2011


CNNTech recently authored an article criticizing Google’s “open” claim. Well actually I think the article was more that Google isn't actually “open” at all? No wait it was about how Google is “open” but how “open” is bad? Or wait was the article about Android’s “open” claim, hmm perhaps it was just a rough draft that somehow got published. I’m not exactly sure, the article seems to jump from topic to topic with little more intent other then representing the momentary topical view of the author Dan Frommer, a self titledBusiness Insider”. I’m not even sure it is worth the effort to pen a refute to any of his opinions, not because it would require too much research but rather because of the sheer number of opinions coupled with the fact that they seem to do a good enough job of refuting themselves.

Normally I would not even give something like this any attention, the last thing I want to do is to give this author traffic. However it’s not the article that makes for good reading, it’s the endless comments. It’s like having a really shitty meal with an amazing dessert.

Some of my favorites:

“mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make”

Author does not know what the term 'open' means. CNN, you have to take this article down. The tech dudes are going to rip this to shreds.
- DanikaV

wow, horribly written and researched article as usual. the word "open" is correctly used by google in some places. Although i am no fan of android any person, ANY PERSON, who understands how to write code can change android, that right isn't reserved to google's strategic partners. simply because the author has no clue on how technology works doesn't mean he should go along bashing it. For example if i feel like it i can go buy and android phone today, dump the OS from it and make any changes i like since the source code is available. not everyone can write that low level code but "open" means if you know how, you can. same goes for the "crapware", i hate it as much as the next guy but it is entirely possible to delete it, and rather easily but once again you have to know how to root the phone which is pretty easy. poor research and no facts article again.
- S3nse

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