Sunday, July 10, 2011

I like to draw letters

I like to draw letters. “How come you never seem to post any?” you ask. Well somewhere between putting pencil to paper and time spent on the computer they just never seem to make it. I am not an illustrator by trade so going through the arduous task of scanning paper into the computer and digitizing hand drawn type into vector is just too many steps for me. Somewhere between the sketch and computer the wind falls quite abruptly from my sails.

Well this year for my birthday I decided to treat myself with a new digital drawing tool, the Wacom Bamboo Pen to be exact. Nothing too crazy, rather just their most basic small digital sketch tool. While Wacom does make some pretty serious multi-hundred dollar illustration tools I really just wanted something to do very basic blue lines that I could go in later with a mouse and refine.

Multi-platform Installation? Absolutely, I am on a mac at work and pc’s at home and installation was pretty straightforward. Oddly for being a “creative” tool installation on the pc was a bit easier.

Transition? If you are thinking about adding this tool to your box I will say it takes some getting used to drawing with your hand and looking someplace completely different.

Final word? I have no idea, I just got it but so far I am very happy with the speed at which i can flush out an idea from rough to black line.

Stay tuned and with any luck and practice I can turn the “final word” into some letters!

(I am very tired after a long weekend of traveling so I really hope this article is readable)

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